Anonymous asked: ok but like can you imagine if kelly wrote a song for her daughter like beyonce did

I was just thinking like what about a song called labor pains ahahah. I mean. Beyonce and Shakira both have songs about their babies so…. I could see it although I’m not too sure about it


normal people: “i hope she laughs a lot when she’s born”

kelly: “i hope she laughs a lot when she comes out”



Kelly’s smile is infectious

I know. It makes me sick. No. Just kidding. It makes me want to cry.


Kelly clarksons baby is more important than blue ivy

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I'm so looking forward to my thirties, you have no idea. Everyone's twenties are all about searching and finding yourself. Every year, I was different! My twenties were a rollercoaster ride, so I'm looking forward to smooth sailing in my thirties. My audience is growing up with me, and I think that's good. I don't know what my music will always sound like, but I know it will always change…

Kelly Brianne Clarkson | April 24, 1982.

Congrats to Jason and team KC for taking home an award for “Most Performed Song” (Catch My Breath) last night at the 31st Annual Pop Music Awards (ASCAP)

Happy 32nd Birthday Kelly!

@ashleyarrison HBD to one of my most fave friends of my lifetime, @kelly_clarkson! I thought nothing could top 31 - HELLO 32!!!
Anonymous asked: Imagine Kelly saying, "Hey my little one, sleep through the night and laugh a lot when you come out" to her belly while rubbing it. And Brandon smiling at her

Haha bye