that cake though

another reason why I need kelly to be my bff

Normal fans: send a card or message to Trisha on her birthday
Kelly: surprises Trisha at her concert to sing with her
im pretty sure jaden smith just hijacked her twitter

Lmfao this is so great I can’t even right now

Have we ever heard Kelly sneeze though?

trying to figure out kelly’s tweet like:

but you know kelly’s all like:

Winter Dreams [Brandon's Song]
Kelly Clarkson
Wrapped In Red
52 plays

plot twist

Kelly and co. release a tour DVD

I get super nervous when the KC fandom gets quiet like this cause every time it does, out of nowhere we are bombarded by new things and I get so overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with myself.

kelly needs to go back on ellen during the holidays and bring river and have her in the sweater that she got her