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75/∞ pictures of Kelly Clarkson

75/ pictures of Kelly Clarkson

Don't Rush [Vince Gill]
Kelly Clarkson
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Baby, don’t rush. its our number 42!



*patiently waits for Ginny and Kelly to go on their mommy date*

*eagerly awaits a baby Underwood and Clarkson play date*

Actually it’s baby Fisher, Katerina.

Yeah and baby Blackstock

*patiently waits for Ginny and Kelly to go on their mommy date*

*eagerly awaits a baby Underwood and Clarkson play date*

Trisha Yearwood 'Excited, Nervous ... Scared to Death'

Trisha Yearwood discusses her upcoming album and the lead single “Prizefighter”

Make me choose - anon asked: Kelly’s friendship with Miranda or Blake The Lamberts


While most Kelly fans make guesses about the next album, this is what st0pping-every-minute and I do

We are awesome and I can’t spell


dont u wanna stay here a little while? dont u wanna hold each other tight dont u wanna fall asleep w me tonite?

Upcoming Events

  • September 9th: Performing at the 8th annual ACM Honors at the Ryman in Nashville.
             Tickets are available to the public but this is not a televised event
  • September 15th: Prizefighter is set to impact radio
  • October 19th: Performing at the Microsoft grand opening event at the South Park Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

             ↳Meet and greets will be raffled off much like the Buffalo opening. No overnight

             camping required for this event. More information can be found here

  • October 25th: Performing at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. This is a rescheduled event.

             ↳Make sure to bring your wristbands from the Microsoft opening last November. If you

             lost yours please go to the will call desk and they can be replaced