I go by Kat | River Rose Blackstock arrived 6.12.14 |

Happy Birthday!! hope you are having a fantastic day! :) Cheers to you!

Thank you so much! It’s been quite nice. :)

HAPPY BURFDAY KAT! Hope it's magical and filled with lots of love... And food. Food is always good.

Thanks Irene. I fully plan on more food being in the picture today because you’re right. Food is pretty much the best. :)

Happy birthday! I hope your day is awesome! :)

It’s been pretty swell so far. Thank you so much for the bday wishes :)

kcaddicts asked:
Happy birthday! Hope it is amazing like you :)

Aw golly! Thank you so much. You’re amazing!


you know that picture isn’t River right??

Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Awww thanks :))) I’ll try :)

kcmisfit asked:
Oh my god it is SOOOO your birthday!! :D Happy birthday!! I hope you have the most fabulous day in the EVER!! And hope Kelly accepts the ALS ice bucket challenge because let's face it that will just make your day even more special and amazing! haha. Your blog is honestly my favourite blog i follow!! x x x x

Wait. That’s funny cause I was saying last night how that would be like the best birthday present tbh.

**crosses my fingers until they break that she does it**

Thanks so much for your message. You’re too kind!


Happy Birthday, Kat!!! I wish you all the best and thank you for being a good friend. I miss our talks. I hope you enjoy your day! Thanks for always listening when I needed to talk to you before. Party hard, Kat! You deserve everything good for your birthday! Stay awesome!


YOURE SO CUTE AJ. Thanks ya kiddo. This is perfect :)

happy birthday birthday twin :D (awkward if its not your birthday but im pretty sure it is)

Thanks lovely! Have a wonderful day :)

Happy birthday

to catchmybreath19!!

Hope you have an amazing birthday bday twin :)


Who’s ready for album #7?

IM DYING AT YOUR TAG#from monkey to queen


Who’s ready for album #7?


#from monkey to queen

This is a pregnant Kelly appreciation post